From Lisbon to Porto…and discovering surfing

Just want to quickly catch up and share some inputs and pictures on the last “real real trip” as I just did not get to it before. I am a spoilt kid, as I have had lots of little trips in the meantime. But a real trip means at least 3 nights in another bed than my own. You have to be clear about things 🙂

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So Lisbon (check previous post) and Porto was on the programm last September. And boy, did I love it! First because our homemade snowboard buddy joined us for a few days in Lisbon. He stayed a little longer in Lisbon and apparently had a great party evening  / hostel experience before going up by bus (14 hours, but at least they had WiFi on bord, we were told) to Biarritz for surfing.

On our side we drove up to Porto and visited on the way Aveiro (Portugal’s Venice) and the famous university town Coimbra. In Porto we arrived by chance during the weekend of the Red Bull Air Race, quite a happening.

But the main thing of this trip was the fact that I fell in love…with surfing. I am already a fan of snowboarding and have done it for ages. Always in a measured way, nothing too crazy, but totally hooked. And now this. Should have tried it before, but better late than never. I love the water and I love to swim…and to combine this with surf, nothing more logical that this is for me.

Actually with the years passing, I hoped I would discover myself a passion for cooking or knitting, which might have been more adapted, but well, what the heck…you only live once, right?!? I guess I am good for more comments like “at your age”.

So I will soon be back to Portugal for some surf lessons.

In case you wonder, Costa da Caparica is close to Lisbon on the other side of the river Tejo (Tagus). Take the boat from Lisbon, Cais de Sodré to Cacilhas, hop into a bus or call an Uber and in no time you are at the beach.

In general, if you like Lisbon but find that it a bit too crowded with tourists, try Cacilhas which is just a short boat ride away. You find cheaper rooms than in Lisbon but also lots of restaurants to enjoy the lovely Portuguese food we all adore and which makes inevitably put on weight.