Girls’ weekend in Rome in November, again…

…but it does not happen often enough, is what we say each time we say goodbye to each other after a few intensive days.

This time our destination was Rome. In November! Still pretty smart to choose November and a Southern destination in general. Prices are reasonable and the weather likewise.

But Rome is a crowded city, and apparently constantly. But there was less rain than during our last trip to Lisbon in 2014. Such a long time ago…when we had actually decided to meet at least every two years. Just to seem reasonable to the outside world and our wallets; we could meet somewhere several times a year if it was up to us. To be perfectly honest, we did meet in between, but in our home towns and not abroad in a new place to discover just the two of us, which is what “girls’ weekend” means to us.

We had some lovely Roman inside tips for restaurants and places to visit, which were all confirmed by another local Roman guest at a table next to us in the “trattoria da Luigi” on the Piazza Sforza Cesarini (let’s point out that this restaurant we found by chance…a sudden rain shower pushed us through their doors). A guy who was there with his Ukranian girl-friend and who usually lives in Denmark. He was heading to his tattoo shop which was about to be opened to get a new tattoo. We were tempted to follow his invitation to go and have a look but maybe it was good we didn’t or we might have ended up with our first tattoo ourselves. And our motto could have been flushed down the drain “Why I don’t have a tattoo? – For the same reason you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari!”.

Good food, good talks, good discovery visits, good laughs, what more can you want from a girls’ weekend. Enjoy the pictures…

The next weekend is planned in November, we have to catch up the 2014 – 2017 gap, but we don’t know yet where we will meet.