¿Who am I – Qui suis-je – Quién soy – Wer bin ich – Quem sou eu?

One more person who loves to travel and who is itching to visit a whole bunch of countries, my bucket list is enormous!!
I consider myself lucky to have seen already a few countries and I hope to be able to add some more.

When I was a teenager and before having done any traveling, I used to buy a train ticket to the airport that was a 30 minutes train ride away from home. I would just sit there, watch the planes, and even more the people coming and going from and to places all over the world. I was guessing where they were from and where they were going to and I imagined to visit all these countries myself.

My 9 – 5 job (I should rather say my 8 – 6 job) allows me to “only” travel a few weeks a year, counting also weekends away and day trips. The preparation and writing about my travels makes my pleasure start in advance and makes them last. Hopefully I can find ways to more and more satisfy my Wanderlust.

Here are a few plans, tips, ideas, pictures I would like to share…

About my pictures: With putting them on the net, I am obviously aware that it is like letting my front door open and telling people to help themselves (I know someone who will be happy about me using an example 😉 ) Well, I am not a professional photographer although I love taking pictures. You are more than welcome to use my pictures. But if you do, please give me some credit and mention where you got them from (and drop me a quick word to let me know what you use them for…this would be a nice boost).