Costa Rica – At your age…

“…you should stop doing silly things like this” my dear husband told me, whilst we were riding our bikes on a pitch-dark road from Puerto Viejo to Playa Chiquita.

Not being totally unconscious, I had fixed my iPhone torch on to my back. After all, I am not THAT old yet and it would have still been too early to get hit by a car coming from the back. At the same time I lightened up the road with a real torch for me and my husband who was riding in front of me on the road decorated with potholes. Stray dogs kept us company and a snake seriously scared us.

Costa Rica is the place to go at any age if you love nature, animals and most of all real friendly people. The Ticos’ and Ticas’ “pure vida” (pure life) instead of a simple “hello” or “good morning” give you a special start into the day. This is a way of life all Costa Rica traveller’s should export and bring back to their own countries.

But looking back on whatever trip I took, I realize that exactly the silly things that are supposedly “not my age” anymore were the most fun. Like everything else in life.

It might also more “my age” to take shuttle buses from one side of the country to the other, but I am convinced that my experience was more authentic in the public bus. And by the way the bus from San José to Caliari could not have been more comfy.

San José is by the way totally underrated (check out my short post on it). All articles about that city tell you to avoid the capital of Costa Rica, but that would be a big mistake. You can have it all, from museums to live music venues, cool skate parks (Arena seems to be the major player) and international restaurants. I guess a real fashionista might not be too happy with shopping tours in Costa Rica, but I guess the fashionista knows that and will not land in San José anyhow.

After San José we went to Tortuguero by public bus obviously (check out my post) and by boat, cab and bus from Tortuguero down to Puerto Viejo. Do whatever ou want but don’t miss that trip by boat.

In Puerto Viejo you can forget about the world, the time and everything else. The

Caribbean relaxed mood gets to you quickly. Cycling from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, visiting the Cahuita national park, spotting dolphins, snorkeling, listening to live music in bars and restaurant… and all the beaches (Playa Negra, Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Playa Uva or Playa Grande in Manzanillo)…one beach more beautiful than the other although some not ideal for swimming due to the strong currents. It all depends what you are looking for…surfing, people, a beach to yourself? They are all close to reach by bike, better try them one by one.

The night falls very early and the howling monkeys wake you up to start the day at sunrise. If you cannot destress in Puerto Viejo, you won’t destress anywhere.

We took it slow and relaxed instead of criss crossing the country stayed on the Caribbean side. And hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to come back one day to this beautiful country to discover the Pacific Coast but if we come back we will still make a stop in Puerto Viejo.