Day trip to paradise

Switzerland is not known for its high temperature and when we get a few days like we’ve had for the last week we are over the moon at first. 30°C, 32°C, 35°C, 38°C… Then we realize that years of mediocre summer weather and snowy winter months have made us incompatible with tropical heat waves.

Living in a town does not help to get some air to cool down. The lake would normally do the trick but today it belonged to the party people and their lake parade.

So the solution today was called “Lac de Joux”. At 1004m above sea level the lake is known for freezing regularly in wintertime and allowing young and old ice skaters to enjoy a natural ice rink. In summer it offers lovely creeks, clear and, today, very warm water, surrounded by deep green forests.

For more ideas what to do in this little paradise, check out the tourist office site of the Joux Valley.