5 different countries in 30 minutes

As most Sunday mornings, today I also followed my swimming ritual. Others go to church on that day, I connect best to whatever is above us while gliding through the water.Towel

I had come early, put down my towel on a shady spot and after having done my lanes I find my towel surrounded by plenty others.

Lying on my back, waiting to dry, my neighbors make me travel.

The Swiss German dad insisting on his boys to put on their baseball caps or they will get too much sun.

The French ladies discussing their excess weight they want to get rid of (a quick look to their side and I can confirm they are not completely wrong and let me say I am no fan of Twiggy).

The Spanish mom screaming at her kid because he does not obey.

In the water dad and daughter compete who is diving lower and discuss in an African dialect.

And the Brazilian grandmas behind me regret that so many kids don’t learn Portuguese anymore and feel lost when visiting family in Brazil.

Once again I feel very lucky to live in such an international place where you can travel to 5 different countries and continents without moving from your towel.