Switzerland from A – Z: B like Bern

Admit it, if I ask you to find a word starting with B and related to Switzerland you would think of…BANKS, of course! Well, so much has been said about Swiss banks lately, that I would definitely not add to that touchy subject. Therefore another B word needs to be found!

Bern – Switzerland’s Capital

If you meet a Swiss, ask them how many times it happened to them when they mentioned their country that they got the following answer: Oh, yes, Sweden!!! Numerous times, I bet!
Swiss are in general proud of their country and aware of their luck to be living in a rather well-functioning environment, but they are not having a fanatic nationalistic ego and therefore won’t sulk because of this mix up with Sweden. But they will explain to the wrong doers where Switzerland is and mention another detail which is very often not known by foreigners. The Swiss Capital is not Zürich (the biggest town in Switzerland), nor is it Geneva (the second largest and most international town in Switzerland), but it is Bern (German version), Berne (French writing) or Berna (Italian and Romantsch). It is the Federal City (Bundesstadt) and seat of the federal authorities. It is in the middle of the country, accessible by train from Zürich or Geneva in 1 1/2 to 2 hours and near the language border to the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

So next time you meet Swiss people, I hope you will impress them with your knowledge about their capital.

Roofs of Bern

Roofs of Bern

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