Switzerland from A – Z: A like August 1st

Obviously I was aware that Switzerland is small, but I did not really know how small until I read a newspaper article this morning: Switzerland only covers 0,03% on planet earth and would fit 15 times into the surface of France or 234 times into the USA!?!? So I guess there are some more things people do not know about Switzerland, so let me give you some more information. Let’s start with what is on the agenda tomorrow:


August 1st – Swiss National Day

All shops are closed (some exceptions at airports or stations) and all the Swiss employees are off from work. If the day falls on a Saturday or Sunday…bad luck, no catching up. Politicians are busy celebrating this historical day with patriotic talks in each and every village and town, small and big kids are having fun with fireworks (no limit this year as the heavy rain of the last days will prevent forests and fields going up in flames). Brunches held on farms everywhere around the country are having a huge success, particularly with families. Traditional dances, Alphorn blowers, flag throwers and bonfires can be admired.