Riederalp – a total bliss

If you ask me what my element is, I would answer without hesitation “water”. I also love cities and I love crowded places where people share positive feelings like in a concert.

But I realized once more this summer that total bliss only comes from nature. This true fulfilled feeling that fills you with happiness for no particular reason, it comes from deep inside. This fabulous moment you wish you could lock away and take it out when needed only happens to me when I am close to nature.

The place of bliss this time was in the Aletscharena. The Aletsch is the biggest glacier in the Alps (but sadly enough it is shrinking 50m a year). A long week-end in Riederalp, a little mountain village in the Valais, allowed us to explore these amazing surroundings. Long hikes on cold, rainy and sunny days made us connect with nature’s wide range and our muscle aches. In the evening we relaxed in our lovely wooden chalet in the car free village. To get to the village you have to leave your car in Morel-Filet, next to Brig and you take a cable car to arrive at the village.

I am a true fan of car free villages, but my unlimited obsessional passion for Zermatt blinds me sometimes. But since I started last year with the discovery of other car free places in Switzerland like Wengen or Mürren I only had good surprises.

So if you like nature places, where you test your physical ability on the hikes and not on the dance floors you should give Riederalp a change. On my part I have the firm intention to keep on the car free village discovery and let you know about any future find.