Przepraszam nie rozumiem

Przepraszam nie rozumiem! Sorry, I don’t understand!!!

That was the most useful sentence apart from cześć (hello) and dzień dobry (good morning/afternoon) during my week in Warsaw (read about the legend of the name on Sylvia’s blog).

This travel destination was the result of a wedding we were invited to…the one of my little brother. Probably the fanciest wedding I have ever attended; they did not do things half way.

But how could I go to a wedding in a country I have never been to without taking the opportunity to discover a bit more than beautifully dressed people and artistic hairdo. So the decision was quickly taken, we would stay an entire week in Warsaw.

Although everyone wanted to send us to Kraków, we resisted and stuck to Warsaw. And we were right to do so. There are more than enough things to discover in Warsaw. POLIN, the Museum of History of Polish Jews alone kept us busy for 4h30 and was obviously emotionally shaking.

Warsaw surprised me also with its greenness! There are so many beautiful parks that you might prefer them to all the great museums you could visit (Museum Fryderyka Chopina, Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum, Museum of John Paul II Collection, Copernicus Science Centre or the Muzeum Karykatury to only name a few).

The second surprise was the prices. Obviously different countries have a different GDP and depending on where your travel leads you, you know that you can expect cheaper prices for some services. However no economical reasoning helps and you cannot hide your surprise when in Warsaw a twenty minutes cab ride costs you what the counter of the Swiss cab indicates upon arrival when it picks you up.

One last surprise: the ladies! They are definitely very attractive, elegant and always very well prepared. Make up is not my big strength…it just takes too much time at my point of view and when discovering new destinations I like to even renounce totally during the day. But when even university female students are perfectly dressed and their make up is impeccable (ascertainment made when strolling through the University of Warsaw Library garden, don’t miss it…the gardens, not the students),  I had to adapt and apply at least some mascara to not feel like the ugly duckling. Polish guys are definitely lucky!

I could tell you about my pierogi tasting at a milk bar (bar mleczny) or our visits to the bars and restaurants on the banks both sides of the Vistula, but if I make this blog any longer you will not even read it (we all know what short attention spams we have 😉

This was my first visit to Poland but not my last! Do widzenia!!!