Xmas time, family time, no matter where

Who does not think of family when Christmas approaches. However sometimes things are not so easy. If you don’t live close to your family it takes a lot of organizing in advance. You also need time. If the Holidays fall on weekends you  might need to check if you can take a few more days off work.

After a few years of not getting the entire family together we decided that it was time this year to gather. We booked a week in Tenerife hoping that the weather would be playing the game too.

And  it totally did. At around 23 – 26 °C each day of the week, and with the most beautiful sunshine we definitely had our Christmas present. After all, call it Spain, but it is still Africa geographically seen.

Tenerife offered us plenty of possibilities. We still enjoyed most the beach and the heat …something we don’t get back home, may it be Switzerland, Holland or Poland, for the next few months.

We tested our sportive side with the hike down the Masca Valley to Los Gigantes. It was a bit crowded with all the guided tours but really worth it. Only do it if you really like climbing over rocks and don’t mind walking for 3 hours.

Some went to the water park which seems to be the biggest and most exciting one in Europe.

El Teide has to wait for our next visit and the dolphins and whales as well. The only day that was too windy was the one we had booked a boat for us alone to go out to the sea. But the responsible captain called the adventure off, too risky.

And we had such good laughs, although communication was not easy. Like my soon-to-be sister-in-law put it on one of her many Facebook entries: 13 people, 4 countries, 6 languages, one family.

But you would agree with me that if you are fine together, language is never a barrier.