A rainy Easter Saturday in Konstanz

Last Saturday, armed with my camera and my best intention to shoot some nice pictures, off I went to Konstanz to document its small little town charm. It is known to be THE German shopping destination of the Swiss bargain hunters who have had enough to be ripped of by the overpriced products in Switzerland.

So here we were, ready for some sightseeing and with a lot of hope that the rain would give us a break. We went for a cappuccino to give the weather a chance and time to improve, to only find ourselves facing even more water pouring down from the open sky when we walked out of the coffee shop.

We finally gave up and found ourselves with the rest of the crowd, who never shared any of our touristy sightseeing intentions, in the only logical place: the shopping center.

And I still blush when I think how I got all excited by the low prices and ended up on a frenzy shopping spree through the drugstores. I will not need to buy any more shampoo, body cream, shower gel or toothpaste for the next six months.

I can now confirm that a shopping trip to Konstanz is totally worth it…sightseeing is saved for another time.