Dzién dobry: Your input on Warsaw is needed

Wondering already now about what to do and see in Warsaw in May!!! It is the only concrete travel plan for this year and so you can imagine how the travel bug is bothering me!

Even more with a few days off now. They were planned for snowboarding and I was Snowboardlucky to have one day with my best snowboard buddy. But now the weather is not playing on my side anymore. Obviously I could still hit the slopes but surfing blindly in the fog and heavy snowfall really turns me off. I better keep dreaming of all other possible trips to come.

So here I am planning Warsaw. I got this great guide, which exists for several cities, but I think it only exists in French so far. It is called “Cartoville” Varsovie and it explains the sights depending on which city area you want to explore.

I would love to have inputs from whoever has been to Warsaw before. What is your top 3 things to do and visit in that city??? If you give me some tips I promise to send you a good old handwritten postcard with real stamps on it (for this you would have to send me your real address obviously by mail). Dziękuję! Do widzenia!