Up the hill

A great outdoor Saturday, escaping the heat of the city. Once a year my extra sportive friend who runs 10 km almost daily forgets about her sportive ambitions and adapts her step to mine as we hike up to the Salève. A philosophical (yes, a lot of talking when you have 1h30 hours ahead up the hill) and tiring hike, for me, as I tried not to slow her too much down. I try to be regularly active with swimming, biking, running, but every time after my Salève trip my legs’ stiffness seriously make be doubt my good shape.

And I will now let you enjoy the pictures as no matter how hard I try and no matter how many times I walk up there I never remember which paths we already took…Trou de la Tine, sentier d’Orjobet, Corraterie, Grande Gorge…I just can not remember the names without looking them up.

A useful link: Rando Salève