Fly into 2015 with my heartfelt wishes

2015_finalMy Christmas wish was not fulfilled: Nobody walked up to me and told me I could, in the future, plan my trips only, explore the world, meet all kinds of different people, learn from them, share.
Nope, I will still have to make a living and progress in the “real world”.

Therefore I am already shuddering at the thought that 2015 will be rather calm travel wise. There are several reasons to this realistic fact. The main one is that I will try to get smarter and am  going for some more education. This will keep me seriously busy and leave me with little time left for anything else except keeping my neurons going and putting my perseverance to the test.

So as there are no big exciting travel plans ahead I will jump at each tiny occasion do discover even the most familiar places to help me make it through the year. But no worries, it sounds worse than what it is – I like to be a drama queen once in a while. I will make the best out of everything in any case and deal with the withdrawal effects resulting from my heavy travel addiction.

In the meantime I took a walk down memory lane and  I would like to share a few more travel pictures with you and wish you all a healthy, love filled, peaceful and satisfying New Year 2015! Go out there and show your love to whoever crosses your way!!!

Click here to enjoy some lovely Christmas Songs of a fellow blogger when traveling with my pictures to Senegal, France, Germany and Norway: