Summer Plans

Finally…I have always wanted to go back to L.A. ever since I went there a few times for work ages ago.

This time it will be longer than just a few days and just for fun on more. And as we have to put up with a long flight to get over there, we also  put some other places on the program.

But how to keep the balance? Visit places and having enough quality time to really enjoy it, if possible all without simply rushing through? I have partly started my holiday already with the planning of our trip. I realize that there are so many things to do in L.A. and San Francisco already, we could stay for months…

I have my idea of the absolute musts…but my job will also be to convince my two co-travellers who so far give me as an answer when I come up with proposals: Well, we trust you… A heavy responsibility!

Road Trip

Any ideas for Los Angeles and San Francisco?