Kloster Fischingen: worth a visit

As you already know, my favourite place in Switzerland (on Earth and without even having seen all the others yet), is Zermatt. But Zermatt is not the only lovely place to see in this country. I also already shared a bit about Geneva, surrounded and neighbored by France but still so very truly Swiss.

Here is another place I discovered lately. An amazingly lovely and peaceful place, if monasteries make you tick. This one definitely did the job for me…peaceful evasion after a drive through the Swiss country side and out of nothing in the middle of nowhere you see the Kloster Fischingen. It is home to the monks being part of the order of Saint Benedict, a Roman catholic religious order.

But it is not all about religion, church and prayers. The monastery is open to the world and you can hold a seminar there, have a lovely meal and even stay overnight in the hotel. If you wish to meditate with the Black Monks have a look at their program. However if you want to go there for a retreat, you better be a man – nobody said they completely modernized the catholic rules.