What would be your choice?

World mapI admit it! I am addicted to traveling, a victim of the Wanderlust – a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel – curious to discover new places, its people and their way of living. And there are quite some places which make my heart beat faster as soon as I think of them.

New York is an amazing city, Rio makes you feel alive. And I am absolutely crazy about London, even just hearing its name makes want to jump on the next plane.

But I wondered, which one is the top place I prefer above all? Hard to decide as each and every single place has got so much to offer. But if  I had to decide myself for one place only… A place where I would have to live until my time on earth is over. No more moving, no more travelling. One place and nothing else. Which one would it be?

Which place would you choose if you had to pick one and could never leave it again?