Girls’ weekend in BCN – Barcelona, Spain

Real friends are the persons you feel perfect with even if you don’t see them for ages but when you meet, it is just as if you had left each other the previous day.

Thanks to low cost airlines and some surprise hotel site you can get good deals. So you can afford to slide a weekend in between to meet the persons you love, even if they don’t live around the corner. And that is just what I did with my great friend Sandra, who must be the loveliest Dutch person who exists.

We chose Barcelona to meet as the arrival and departure times were almost the same for both of us but departing from  different airports. The weekend was just a perfect mix of:

Sightseeing: the castle of Montjuic, the Ramblas, the Parc Guëll (before they take an admission fee, which will happen now soon apparently), the Barrio Gotico, …


Restaurant Tantarantana – really worth it

Lovely restaurants: I have to mention the tapas bar Tantarantana,Carrer d’En Tantarantana, 24, Barrio delBorne,Barcelona. When we walked into the restaurant we only heard Spanish speaking people, which is always a good sign. Then we saw the food the kitchen passed to the waiters and we decided we would not eat anywhere else that night although we had to wait. But finally we got a table on the terrace…yupp, things you can do in BCN even in November…

Fun nights out: Do under no circumstances miss the Marula Café Club, Calle Escudellers, 49, Barcelona. No fancy night club where you have to worry if you are dressed up enough, just a “have a good time” – place! We went two nights in a row, listened to a small concert on the first night and on the second we fell on a night when people from a dance class were dancing Lindy-hop, really cool to watch but we did not dare to try! And on both nights we had hours of serious good dancing. The DJ only put on vinyl records (no Mac, no CDs!!!) and he got us grooving for good! We’ll be back!!!

4. Relaxing on the Barceloneta beach: Have a walk, a coffee, enjoy the see air and the people watching

A girls’ weekend and we did no shopping at all!!!
Let’s see this side of globalization in a positive way: nowadays the shops are the same in most of Europe’s big cities … so if we go somewhere for a weekend we don’t have to bother about shopping as we cannot buy anything that we can not buy back home. So we have plenty of time to spend in a more fun way.

So what are you waiting for to plan a weekend with a friend whom you haven’t see for some time?!

We have some ideas for our next girls’ weekend:
– Edinburgh
– Belfast
– Bordeaux

Nothing is decided yet, so if you have some tips, send them over please 😉

In the meantime check out what you can expect in Barcelona, even in November: