5 points to decide: Is Alicante a suitable destination for you?

AlicanteHarbourWe added a “last-minute” trip to Alicante in Spain to see some friends who are living there. They were so kind to offer us to stay at their place but we did not want to invade them and decided to stay in a hotel. We had an excellent time and some great laughs with our friends.

But would this place be for you during the high season? It is, if you can answer the following five affirmations with a YES:

  1. You are happy and relieved if the waiter at the restaurant hands you a menu in your language, may it be German, English, Russian, French or even more exotic, anything but Spanish.
  2. Queuing 20 – 30 minutes to get into a factory like breakfast room does not bother you at all and fighting for pancakes at the buffet is what you always wanted.
  3. You don’t mind getting up early in the morning to throw your towel over a deck chair at the hotel swimming pool to reserve yours in advance.
  4. You have a strong health and are immune to changes from a 32°C outside into an air-conditioned freezing hotel lobby or restaurant.
  5. On the crowded beach you like to share a corner of your towel with a stranger or two.

If you have not answered these five points with a yes, you should still give Alicante a chance, but eventually think about a better timing than July or August. Alicante is a nice city as you can judge yourself from my pictures.  The surroundings have some things to offer too, nice creeks, boat trips and many more interesting things which are waiting to be seen during our next trip to that place.

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