Casablanca – Morocco

Casablanca? But why do you go to Casablanca, what will you do there? I have heard there is nothing to do, it is just industry, it is not really nice, nothing to visit!!!

Casablanca (Encyclopédie Larousse)

That is the reaction I get when I say that this summer we will visit Casablanca.

Partly it is a walk down memory lane for one of the participants who used to live and work some time in that country. The first remarks on my travel plans are confirmed by the fact that this only person in our group knowing the town has never gone back there in years and never told anything positive about that place itself.

But a visit to Casablanca these days might change this not so positive impression about it and we will give it a serious try to make some experiences that leave positive memories.

So I am still eager to find some nice places to see , some good restaurants to discover and some fun things to do there.

Should you have some interesting ideas, please do not hesitate to share them with me; I will post my pre-holiday findings here and will let you know how the whole journey turned out once we are back from our 5 days.